Our Approach to Service & What to Expect

Our mission is to provide comfortable, quality, general dental health care. Your comfort is always on our mind, and, we want you to leave with peace of mind! All of our team members are here to make you feel at ease.

Treatments are based on the the latest scientific medical evidence, with a focus on healthy outcomes. New prevention protocols and fluoride options are offered that help extend the life of your teeth. We gladly explain all findings and treatments in detail and we're happy to answer your questions.

We accept mostly all dental insurances. For added value, we participate with most DELTA DENTAL©, METLIFE©, CIGNA RADIUS©, most UNITED CONCORDIA© & HUMANA Insurance plans. And we offer easy payment plans for extensive treatment thru Care-Credit© Financing ---a great way to get needed Dental work done. If you have insurance, know that extensive treatments are generally "pre-authorized" so you know precisely what your insurance will cover. Estimates for services are provided. All Co-payments and Deductibles are due at the time of service...we expect all insurance patients to cooperate.

If you do not have insurance, Payment is required at time of service.  Finally, know we continue to invest in new technology and products that are moving dental care to a new level. The result has been improvement in treatment and healthy outcomes.

Appointments: Your appointment is reserved exclusively for you!  We expect all patients to commit to treatment. Please contact us at least 24 hours in advance if you need to cancel your appointment. Patients are responsible for re-scheduling cancelled appointments. Periodic reminders are mailed or emailed to patients to encourage continuing care preventive exams & cleanings. Ask us about our Email reminder system. Convenient evening hours are available.

Exams: Your first appointment will consist of a comprehensive exam, X-Ray exam, and presentation of the findings, and we're happy to give you an estimate for services.

Children & Adolescents: We examine children generally beginning at age one....we treat children generally beginning at age six.  Young patients who need extensive dental work or need to be sedated will be referred to a pediatric dentist for their dental work. Orthodontic evaluations are performed routinely and patients referred accordingly. We provide simple, space maintenance procedures on children who need this service. Moms & Dads: We are happy to answer your questions. Generally, it is ideal if a child can observe their parent or sibling receive dental treatment ---this "Show & Tell" puts children (and their moms & dads) at ease, and makes the visit more efficient. Note, per Pennsylvania State Law, all patients under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Fillings: Different materials are generally used for different teeth & applications. Many insurance companies have restrictions on the number of restorations performed per year, and, they restrict the type of material used to restore certain teeth. Please read and know what your insurance covers in these cases. We try to accomodate most reasonable insurance restrictions and personal desires, but will ALWAYS provide the treatment that is best suited for a successful outcome, and, that obviously meet standards of care.

Fluoride: New protocols & options help extend the life of teeth, especially for patients who are at high-risk for dental decay, and, for those who suffer from dry mouth or periodontal disease. Water that is provided to customers of the Hazleton Water Authority is fluoridated to help prevent cavities.

X-Rays: Digital X-Rays (up to 85% less radiation vs. conventional film) are provided by our office. X-Rays are a necessary standard of care that help dentists diagnose dental problems.

Implants, Partials, Dentures, Crowns & Bridges: Modern dentistry offers patients many choices to replace teeth. We provide inforrmation on and restore dental implants, provide crowns & bridgework --- including, bonded "Maryland" Bridges --- and, provide partial & full denture services, including emergency repairs. Teeth replacements range in price for almost any budget. Ask us about all-ceramic crowns and flex partials.

Periodontal Treatements: If you have periodontal disease, we can show you what you can do to retain teeth. Scaling & Root Planing procedures are provided for patients who present with beginning or moderate periodontitis. Splinting can help save loose teeth in certain cases.  Special antibiotics can be used to treat selective cases.

Extractions and bone grafts, Root canal treatments: Simple & minor surgical extractions and Bone Graft procedures are provided  by Dr Puhak.  Root Canal (endodontic) treatment help retain teeth. If your case presents difficulty or requires the further skill of a specialist, you will be referred accordingly.

We appreciate your referrals and gladly accept new patients.